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Mr. Paul

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On 6/12/2017 at 5:52 PM, Davey Jones said:

Mr Paul, you are a wonderful person and deserve the upmost respect from all members of the community. You alone have stood out as your own character, and through your charisma and mannerisms have touched and blessed the hearts of us all here at Easy's Altis Life. I believe you are an outstanding individual with the power to overcome all of life's obstacles. Through rain or shine, you will prevail amongst all others in the pursuit of happiness.

Never shall we slaughter the path of your legacy, blaze the trail to your enlightenment, destroy the roads that your ambitious heart have paved. Instead, we shall follow the heading drawn on a map by your righteousness. A map which will tell us how to navigate the seas of your world; the oceans of your pure mind. We ask that you allow our ship of ignorance to pass through the golden waters of your enlightened state of mind. Show us the ways and we shall follow. Show us the rules, and we shall abide. May we spam the teamspeak, forums, and personal cell phone number of anyone who does you wrong. RDM, VDM, disrespect, all forms of the impure. We vow that if any of the aforementioned would happen to you, we will riot across the nation:


Compensation Or Deportation.

"No comment"

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