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5/19/17 - Jets DLC Patch

- no more uber fog.
- added a rebel and nato aircraft carriers - they are fully functional. you can spawn jets, helis, and even vehicles for towing, as well as buy vehicles from there.
- added the new Jets DLC jets to the server - the cops get the F/A-181 Black Wasp II and the rebels will get the To-201 Shikra and the A-149 Gryphon
- added the  AMV-7 Marshall for cops and the  MSE-3 Marid and AFV-4 Gorgon for rebels (the ammo has been stripped - these are to be used in roleplay as protective vehicles)
- new much more optimized "safe zone" system - you may notice the normal "soft safe zones" you are used to have changed, we will finely tune these new zones over the next few patches.
- alphabetized phone list (haven't tested)
- "homing missiles" or "Lock On Missiles" have been removed from the server entirely - for ALL vehicles.
   ### the Logic ### - players have a huge advantage when they have access to lock on missiles, whether they have skill or not they are almost guaranteed a win against most types of vehicles for a myriad of reasons. We'd like it if players couldn't fly by, lock on, fire, and fly away before the victim knows any better. Without homing missiles players need tohave a skilled gunner or even be skilled at shooting themselves in some situations.

- ALL jets have had their missiles removed whether homing or not. The machine gun cannons are still there and are fully functional.
   ### the Logic ### - We'd like the ability to fly jets to be an exclusive privilege in the server and not hinged on the cornerstone of military based roleplay. the jets are capable of doing some serious damage still and without lock-ons from the sky they are sure going to be hard to kill. It will take skill to dogfight and jets can be used within rp perhaps if cleared by the police to be used in a safe airspace now. This jets dlc patch really could have changed the dynamic of the server, we wanted to offer fun things like jets without the possibility of them being overly destructive, not just physically but for RP as well.

- raised the price on the hellcat, kajman, wipeout, and the orca v2. Also lowered the price on some of the vehicles that had dagr's removed from them.
   ### the Logic ### - Too many military air battles , a linear incline in unbalanced air to ground battles and veteran to new player air to ground assaults.  With the homing missiles being stripped, new vehicles will become more popular and the prices have changed/raised/lowered based on the estimated reflected new worth. This is up for adjustment over the next patches for sure.

- New aircraft service stations to repair and refuel helis and jets. I'll be placing more of these no doubt! (quick repair may not be working, ill fix it)

#FeelsGoodMan - going back to work on a decent sized patch (ready within the next few days most likely) with some fun things, crafting's making a comeback!, an enhanced awesome fishing system, lottery, firefighters, so many optimizations, more efficient in depth capture system, some more profitable ways to make a living and much much more.

Than after that patch, i'll go back to working on my "new framework" which will be a huge economy and server changing patch that introduces dozens of new features, new jobs for civ, opfor will be fully integrated (already working 100%), hitlist player, bounty hunting, medical and firefighter improvements, among so many other things like talent trees and experience systems.

Lots to come!
Thank you to everyone for contributing to the foundation of the community with never ending good times and fueling it's eternal growth!


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Cant wait to see people enjoying the new jets, and I look forward to the next patch!


<3 as always

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15 minutes ago, Beatsy said:

Also, all cars are spawning with FAKs, all least from my experience.

Yup they are

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So the removed lock on weapons don't include the Titan AT/AA, right?


Edit: Oh and there was some uber fog today, after the update.

Edited by M. Havish
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still have the titan and pcml's. thats just how weather works. if it rains, expect fog. dynamic weather system.

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At first i didnt like this update, but then i realized i wanted it to be a little less militarized, kinda annoying when someone can pull an armed vehicle and blow you up no challenge whatsoever!

So this is awesome! Cant wait till the bount hunters, and firefighters are a thing!

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