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RDM Appeal - [BW] Soul / Soul

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In-Game Name:
[BW] Soul

Usual Name:

Player ID:

Type of Ban:

Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before?
Not ever.

Ban Message / Reason:

Your Story:
I was a sniper for BW at the cartel where we were engaged with RMC in control of the hideout. Multiple individuals were located at the Hideout in a range from 15-20. As a sniper i follow call-outs and provide immediate support and assistance to my men on the ground. The video that RMC Rocky submitted to ban me off the server shows one of my gang members driving up to their position. At that moment my gang member called out on coms that their was 2 rebels on my location, so i immediately turned to their position and acted as any normal sniper would do, take out the threat in a active gunfight. But I completely understand the action i took is considered as RDM and am fully willing to comp now that I was able to see the situation and that they just landed and weren't engaged. Please consider this, thank you.



Additional Comments and Information:

That Video belongs to RMC Rocky and shows how they landed and how I unintentionally RDM'ed them. Now reviewing this I am willing to comp for any gear lost to avoid the ban time since I did not intentionally RDM them in any means. 

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