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Steph Curry

Seif - 17 - CA App

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Usual In-Game Names:
Steph Curry

Current Age:

How Long Have You Been Playing On The Server?:
I have played around 6 months on this server and I'm really getting into it I would really push myself for this role and seriously I'm starting to make this my home server. I have had great RP on this server and I want to make it more popular as I do come from the UK it will be really nice if the server can be full in the morning as numbers attract people and my aim is to do that

What Other Servers Have You Played On?:
Easys Altis life
City Life

How Much Time Can You Dedicate to Being a CA?:
I can dedicate too much hours to being a CA I believe that this is the best time for me because I'm going near my summer holidays and when I hit that I will be on this server 24/7 I really do enjoy this server and the time I will dedicate into this server while being a CA is unbelievable.

Are You a Cop or Medic On The Server?:
I've Never Been Either.

Do You Have a Microphone or a Headset?:

Do You Have Teamspeak 3 Installed With Push To Talk Setup?:
Yes to Both.

Are You Able to Properly Communicate in English?:

yes I can clearly communicate in English as iam taking English for my A levels and I'm very fluent with English. I'm also doing my Dofe Gold which is a great opportunity for me to exceed myself in this role. iam also bilingual I have learnt English and Arabic and learning german now

Are You Patient? (Provide an Example):

yes iam very patient with people for example:

iam a tutor for people who don't know how to speak English ( from Arabic to English )

My father has cancer and he gets angry really quickly therefore iam very patient with him

I was a peacemaker in many fights at my school

I had to take a test to join a job and it was very stressfull as whoever got it would get a rise I desperately needed for my part-time job

I was getting robbed on my way home and I distracted the robber until I called the police which they did come and arrest the robber

I was locked out of my house while my parents were on holiday so I tried so many times until I got the ladder and broke the glass which I had to pay 120 pounds for

Are You Sociable / Can you Mediate?:

yes I have done yoga sessions many times and I do find it very relaxing. and iam very sociable I like making new friends and make people talk more as people on this server are shy so I would love it if people can talk more they might have a RP talent but they are shy as people might make fun of them no I discourage that very likely. I'm very sociable as like on the internet and like on the forums I contact many people and talk to many people on social media

Do You Have Experience as Staff On Another Server?:

on Reborn RP I was a community support person but I had to vacate the job as I was having trouble with my dads cancer so I had to dedicate time to him. as I felt people would be more active than me in this job. thankfully now my dad has cured cancer and I can focus on this server.

Can You Be Neutral?:

yes at all times and I will be patient to be neutral that is my no 1 rule because people who are biased is not fair on people but no I'm very neutral as I love looking at both sides of the story. I can be very patient with people as some people get angry there fore  I calm them down so they can tell their story to their best ability. also evidence is very key in this role as people may lie to you but if they have evidence you can look at it properly and judge.

What Makes You the Right Choice?:

what makes me GREAT for this job is that I'm the person you were looking for I'm the one you were searching for I'm the right person that is right for this job and I promise you you will not regret this decision you make no it will be the best decision you will make as I'm so eager for this spot that no one is that eager for. I do make the right personality the right traits for this job and trust me I will be active than any other person I will try to make civlians dreams to life I will make people enjoy this server and not say oh this server is where I can VDM and that stuff no this server is great for people who are beginners in RP but not only beginners but experienced people. I promise to promote this server to make people say we want more slots and trust me you will not regret it.

Do You Have Any References?:

no references unfortunately

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