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Other Report - [2-00] Dusty

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Report Type:

Player In-Game Name:
[2-00] Dusty

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I spawned at my house, of course I was armed so I was trying to move to garage without being bothered by cops, then some civilians told cops about me, Dusty was looking for me then ran up behind me and said hands up so I turned around and shot him, but he then tazed and me restrained me while in a gun fight, then I was shot in restraints by a civilian.

Why Should the Player be Banned?
Combat restraining.



Additional Comments and Information:

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Please note this is not a server rule violation, but an APD procedure violation, and thus should not be posted in this section since server bans are not issued for such occurrences. 

That being said I will take care of it this time however in future, for similar reports please contact a member of APD command to submit such reports.

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