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Harry Callahan

Fail Roleplay Report - [3-26] Jordan Jay

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Report Type:
Fail Roleplay

Player In-Game Name:
[3-26] Jordan Jay

Your In-Game Name:
=AU= Harry Callahan

I was at FED and was handcuffed and had to wait over 15 minutes to be taken back to be processed. I understand that Batman couldnt take me back to HQ to have me processed while shots were being fired. After FED was over I was put in Officer Jordan Jay's Hunter and taken back to AIR HQ, while in the hunter he said that he was showing me his badge and asked me for my ID. I told him that my ID was in my pocket under my leg, he said that the Officer that was behind me would reach "OVER THE SEAT AND LIFT MY LEG UP" to get it out..? This isn't possible in that tight fitting hunter. I could tell that he was rushing the process along since there was only a few minutes left of the server. I never once as a cop rushed a process along for the money or to fuck someone over, this is total BS that this is happening. I'm not worried about the Zafir, I have a lot of them, It's the FACT THAT HE DID NOT TRY TO RP AT ALL and he never does.

Why Should the Player be Banned?
He doesn't RP!



Additional Comments and Information:

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First off if you want APD command to deal with an officer potentially acting in an unprofessional and/or non RP-friendly manner I strongly recommend avoiding referring to the cops as "piece of shits" and other such terms. Makes it a little difficult to have any sympathy toward your case.
Secondly, while you may be correct in that the officer in charge of your processing was going a little too fast, I find it somewhat hypocritical of you to actively delay the processing as much as possible to purposefully avoid getting a ticket via server restart. What other reason would you have to tell the officer your ID is in a hard to reach spot, and you don't want to see the officers badge until you arrive at HQ? You're accusing the officer of meta-gaming the server restart to speed up the processing, yet at the same time you are meta-gaming the server restart yourself and actively trying to delay the processing in an attempt to avoid a ticket by server restart.
I will make sure the officer is notified that we don't bypass standard processing guidelines due to server restarts however if you wish a fail RP ban to be issued to the officer I will happily do so if you agree that the same standard is held to you as well, since you are just as guilty and you take the same fail RP/meta-gaming ban. He tried to speed up the processing due to server restart, and you tried to delay it for the same reasons.

I will move the report to resolved for now. When/if you make your choice please don't hesitate to PM me on the forums and I will follow through. 

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I have no doubts that if you held an officer hostage for 30 minutes and he asked you to just put a bullet in his head to end the situation you would be reporting him for not valuing his life and fail rp. The hypocrisy never ends it seems

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