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Hazard's Weapon Dealing Thread

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Welcome to my gun store folks, this thread contains prices and contact information for buying said weapons in game. 



-GM6 Lynx- 85,000

-Navid- 90,000 

-Mar10- 75,000

-M320 LRR- 95,000

-SPMG- 90,000

-ASP-1 Kir- 75,000



-Titan MLPR AA- 120,000

-Titian AA rocket- 25,000

-PCML- 80,000

-PCML Rocket- 20,000

-Titan MLPR Compact AT- 110,000

-Titan AT Rocket- 25,000


Please text me at 1(800-420-6969) "[NG] Hazard" 

When texting to avoid alerting the police, please ask for a delivery shipment. After this is completed you will recieve further instructions and contact information. If you wish to purchase and weapon systems not listed above please let me know and I shall add them to the weapons shop.  

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Yea I'm just got slammed with a few bulk orders that i'm tryn to fill. But please give me a Ring. Hoping to start a nice business. And avoid the eyes of the APD :P

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:ph34r: I would like to meet up at the police HQ to discuss a transaction ;)

Ps: Please bring entire stock

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