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Greenzone Violation Report - LCPL Hessel - Denied

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Report Type:
Greenzone Violation

Player In-Game Name:
LCPL Hessel

Your In-Game Name:

killed with heli in altis international green zone

Why Should the Player be Banned?
this is a violation of green zone rules.


https://youtu.be/PRXThqJvgTg here is video evidence 


Additional Comments and Information:

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Report Delayed.

We require 5 minutes of video evidence for Greenzone Violation reports, you have 48 hours to provide said evidence or the report will be Denied.

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Hessel was the one who was flying the Kajman and I was the one on the ground. I texted you while you were outside of the greenzone for you to get out of the vehicle and put your hands above your head, or you would be engaged by support. You started by complying, and we gave you additional orders to follow. You then proceed to get back into your truck, drive it into the Greenzone and then try and claim that we shot you inside of the greenzone without initiation. There was prior initiation and previous engagement before you entered the greenzone.

As you will find in our server's rules:


Highlighted by a red box you will find: "Running into a Green Zone to avoid roleplay nullifies the Green Zone protections from you."

This means that, even though you were inside of a greenzone, we could still lethally engage you because you fled to the greenzone while in an active engagement.

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