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RDM Appeal - Nestor / Nestor - Accepted

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In-Game Name:

Usual Name:

Player ID:

Type of Ban:

Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before?

Ban Message / Reason:
Nestor_3Day_RDM_Coby Or something similar

Your Story:
Me and a fellow gang member were going towards an air drop east of Atheria in an armed prowler. When we were getting the prowler in Atheria we saw two striders heading in that direction, so we assumed they were going to be there. When we arrived we immediately began searching for them to see if they were in the red zone, and we spotted them. At the time we were heading for them pretty fast and the heat of the moment got to both of us, since I am fairly new to Arma 3 (~50 hrs at the time), I wasn't aware of the GPS function and I ask my gang member if he is parked in the red and he said yes so I began to fire at SavageJeffery and killed him. After the situation was done it came to my realization that he was clearly outside of the redzone. Immediately following this me and my fellow gang member realized that we had made a mistake in the heat of the moment and offered him compensation for the lost items. However, he had not taken it seriously and requested for me to give him a million dollars, even thought his load out was a substantially smaller amount that this. Obviously I had broken the rules but this situation should also be seen from my perspective. Me and my gang member were in a four million dollar vehicle, which is a lot of money for the both of us, and spotted two people who are outside of a strider with two rifles looking right at us. This immediately presented us with a difficult situation where adrenaline took over and I shot. This was a mistake by me caused by confusion and adrenaline.


Wasn't recording at the time.

Additional Comments and Information:

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