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RDM Appeal - Choweok / Choweok - Accepted

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In-Game Name:

Usual Name:

Player ID:

Type of Ban:

Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before?
No i just joined.

Ban Message / Reason:

Your Story:
Well I joined the server with my mate got a car drove down the MSR towards Athira by the Airport there was a Tank, Like fools we lock picked it and drove into Kavala. As we drove into the city, police used sirens my friend started shooting the tank, the vehicles blew up created a shockwave throughout and causing a chain reaction. Multiple cars blew up, and 5+ people died.


Don't have any.

Additional Comments and Information:

I would just like to say, i was a new player, i didn't read the rules i know that isn't an excuse i've been around RP servers for awhile and i understand that what we did is not tolerated. Would just like to say Sorry.. and i would relish another opportunity to be apart of your community. 

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Appeal Accepted.

You are unbanned.

If there are anymore reports of you RDMing then the ban will be reinstated and not lifted. Do not spoil this opportunity.

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