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Greenzone Violation Report - Pr!meVirus [21st] - Denied

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Report Type:
Greenzone Violation

Player In-Game Name:
Pr!meVirus [21st]

Your In-Game Name:
Bear ツ

1. I am having a conversation over a rule with people who might have broken it (A report for another day) 2. One guy runs away 3. In chat (mind you were in the pyrgos vote now green zone) I see a text init go out 4. I run over to the guy and hear him verbally init.

Why Should the Player be Banned?
The player should be banned because of the fact that he was told multiple times (off clip) that init in a green zone is agents the rule, even by his own teammates. His clear disregard for the rules is not a good representation of the community. He should be banned because he simply does not care about the rule.


Message me.


Additional Comments and Information:

I will be posting more reports relating to this incident, so if any admins want more evidence, please PM me.


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Report Denied.

Failure to give requested evidence within the given time period.

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