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      IMPORTANT! - The Rules Have Been Further Adjusted And Simplified!   01/18/2018

      We have decided to massively slim down the rules and make them easier to understand for all. We also have now added "gang initiation" to the server so players can be more easily included without confusion. If you have any questions you can ask a staff member in teamspeak. For more information and to see the updated rules you can find them in their usual location https://c8gaming.com/forums/topic/9-altis-life-server-rules/

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Altis Life Server Rules

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General Rules

  • We do not permit abusive language, constant fighting, racism or any such even if you are role-playing it.

  • Do not spam or harass other players!

  • You must role-play at all times. Remember this is a role playing game.

  • Purposefully circumventing or finding loopholes / exploits in the rules will result in punishment.

  • Staff can and will ban for anything that may not be against rules written here, but feel it is directly toxic or harmful to the server, players, or staff.

  • Avoiding bans by playing on a friends account or by getting a new account, VPN or any other way will result in a permanent ban.

Cheating, Glitching and Combat Logging

  • Anyone caught cheating or hacking will be BANNED PERMANENTLY and your information will be shared to multiple online ban lists and Bohemia Interactive.

  • Exploiting, hacking, cheating and money hackers are logged and will be PERMANENTLY BANNED. If someone gives you a large sum of money for no reason or outside of roleplay, talk to the admins and get it removed or you may be banned along side the hacker.

  • Manually respawning to avoid RP is combat logging.

  • You are not to combat log EVER! 


    Combat Logging May Result in Your gear being wiped, losing 100k minimum from your bank, a kick and / or a ban. Combat logging is defined as leaving during any roleplay / firefight or disconnecting before you respawn. Killing yourself to get out of role play. Getting out of being tased, restrained, arrested, jail etc. If the log shows you got arrested then you died, you will be banned.


Valid Roleplay Devices and Usages (Cellphones, direct-chat, voice, side etc)

  • Text messages can only be used as roleplay when messaging vehicles / helicopters or when messaging a player that has personally given you their number. Initiating on a vehicle initiates all occupants, not just the driver/pilot. Sufficient time to comply must be given when initiating and giving demands. 


    Think of this as when you are texting a vehicle, you are (in roleplay) radioing the vehicle, not texting the driver/pilot. All occupants would hear this and are included in the initiation. It is the driver/pilots responsibility to relay the message to all occupants. For example: If you text a hummingbird to land or be killed by [GangA], all occupants of the hummingbird can open fire on the person who sent the text and [GangA]. Keep in mind some pilots may not be as skilled as others and may take some time to land/comply. Obviously it takes more than 5 seconds to land a heli flying at full speed. If you text a heli to land and they do not make any obvious attempt to make a safe landing within 15 seconds (EG if they continue on their flight path) or they open fire on you, you may open fire.
    Your demands must be reasonable. You cannot tell someone to sing the alphabet backwards in 20 seconds or be shot. If you are robbing someone just to kill them, and giving complex or pointless so they'll not able to comply allowing you to kill them is fail RP. 


  • You can only text a vehicle if you are within 1km of it (point a to b, height doesn't matter) or 5km for jets.

  • Shouts (alt + 1-4) are not considered initiation.

  • Running into a situation, armed or unarmed, just to initiate external support such as Air Support, Snipers, Other Members in the area, etc is Fail Roleplay and not allowed.

  • If you wish to initiate support (Air support, snipers, gang members etc) you must specify who is involved. 

  • Initiation is defined as giving a demand with hostile intent. 

  • Initiation lasts 5 minutes. This timer resets when shots are fired during the engagement.

  • You can only initiate your gang and one other. If you want to initiate a player who is not in your gang, you must specify them by name (up to 3 additional individuals).

  • Spoiler

    For example: "Hands up I have [GangA] Support!". This initiates everyone in [GangA]. "Hands up or my friends John, Ed, Frank and Ivan Ivanovsky are going to dome your ass!". This initiates John, Ed, Frank and Ivan Ivanovsky.

    Q: Can I initiate my gang as a whole? A: Yes.
    Q: Can I initiate other people by name? A: Yes.
    You can initiate anyone, just make sure you give enough time for your message to be read. If you sent a long paragraph initiating multiple people, you have to allow them reasonable time to read your message and comply. The longer your message, the longer you have to wait!
    Q: Will I get banned for initiating another gang that is not involved and hasn't asked me to initiate as a troll? A: Yes. This kind of thing falls under the 'Don't be a dick' rule. 

    Pointing a gun at someone and saying "GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE CAR" is clear hostile intent and are clearly initiating on you. A cop walking up to your car, gun lowered and calmly saying "Sir can you step out of the vehicle?" is not initiation as he is clearly just trying to talk. Use your better judgement. If you can't do that, don't risk it, you may catch a ban. You do not need to give an ultimatum ("Do this or I'll kill you"), you just have to make it clear hostile intent.


Green Zones and Terminals

  • No crimes of any kind are permitted in Green Zones.

  • You can have weapons out in any spawn green-zones (such as rebel bases) without cops harassing you or seeing them so you can load up.

  • APD may enter a green zone and initiate RP to retrieve a stolen police vehicle if it is within plain sight.

  • Running into a Green Zone to avoid roleplay or committing a crime in a Green Zone nullifies the Green Zone protections for you.

  • Police zones that are marked with a blue circle (Checkpoints etc) are not protected by Green Zone rules. 


    These blue zones do have a small Green Zone inside that protect cops when they are spawning in or gearing up. You can attack these zones to retrieve people being processed and whatnot. You cannot camp these zones to stop the cops leaving. Use common sense! How would you like it if the cops camped a rebel base to stop you leaving.


  • Kavala Square & Kavala PD Green Zone houses are the only houses protected by Green Zones. Houses in any other GZ are not protected against robberies. 


    Remember: Committing a crime in a GZ nullifies it's protection for you. If you are spotted transferring illegal items to and from your house in kavala GZ, you are committing a crime, and thus the GZ protection does not apply to you or your house, so the cops can raid you. Other rebels cannot raid the house however, as they are still under the jurisdiction of the GZ rules. You committing a crime in the GZ does not mean other rebels can attack you.


Lawless/Red Zones

  • In these zones no roleplay is required. You can shoot anyone on sight.

  • You cannot shoot people outside of these zones from inside or inside of these zones from the outside. Snipers outside the RZ must be initiated.

  • Temporary Lawless Zones (Robberies, Hacks, Federal Reserve, Etc) These rules apply when an active hack or robbery is announced. (Via the map, or server / admin messages) and have a 100m radius.

Cop Interaction and Robbing the Reserve

  • You CANNOT kidnap a cop unless there are at least 5 officers on.

  • 7 Police Officers need to be on to rob the federal reserve/CDC

  • Sirens are not initiation. When you are pulled over you must initiate verbally like normally.


NLR (New Life Rule)

  • If you are killed you must wait 10 minutes before returning to the scene of your death and/or the situation you died in and your past dealings are forgotten.

  • Applies to civilians at all times, and cops when 5 or more are online.

  • If you are RDM'd (Not Including Lawless Zones or Wars), it is not a new life.

Random Deathmatch (RDM)

  • Killing anyone without a roleplay cause is bannable

  • Shooting a player without giving reasonable time to follow reasonable demands is considered RDM/FailRP.

Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM) and Vehicles

  • Purposefully running people over or throwing yourself in front of vehicles is bannable.

  • The only reason for shooting at a vehicle would be to disable it in a role-play scenario. You are not to deliberately destroy unoccupied enemy vehicles unless RP has been initiated and you are immediately threatened by explosive warfare.

Medic Interactions

  • Killing medics is not allowed unless they are refusing to leave an area.

  • You cannot commit any crimes against medics except in the cases above.

  • You cannot loot medics, lock pick or steal their vehicles.

Press, Taxi, and Firefighter Interactions

  • While on duty, press, taxi drivers, and volunteer firefighters cannot commit crimes or have crimes committed on them unless they refuse to leave private property or a firefight/engagement. (No robbing, knocking out, etc). 

  • You can rob people being driven around by taxis.


    For Press: on duty is described as wearing a press vest, hat, and only driving in a press vehicle or riding in a non-military vehicle.
    For Taxi Drivers: on duty is described as taking fares, being in a taxi, or being seen recently driving or exiting the driver side of a taxi.

    While you can rob people being driven around by a taxi, you still cannot harm the taxi  driver. You can text the driver to stop or be engaged, then tell the passenger to exit and proceed to rob them, however you cannot harm the taxi driver as long as they comply, and you must let them leave afterwards. If their vehicle has no passengers in it you should not engage on them. Do not 'camp' a taxi just to rob anyone they pick up in order to troll the driver, this is harassment.


Final Thought

Are you cool in real life?, why act any different in an online game then? Be positive - be funny - but don't be a douchebag... In real life that shit doesn't fly, and it certainly doesn't here. There are no child admins on this server - we expect you guys to act like adults - even if you're 16!... With your help we can build a server community where everyone has the same objective - have the most fun in Altis Life possible. We think it's about quality - not quantity. If your attitude is poor, you are expendable. With that being said , to those of you who have given our server a chance, and really liked it , we appreciate you!


The staff are very approachable in the teamspeak, just hop on in and ask any questions. We made these rules not to be hard-asses but to make everything easy to digest, and as laid out as possible for our great community and player-base!

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