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General The Beginners Guide To Life

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- The Beginners Guide To Life -

Alright, so I'm making this Beginners guide to the new people of Easy's Altis Life since I have noticed a lot of new people running around Kavala square asking people how to get started and what are the basics.

Well, now that I have told you what this is all about let's get into it.


- The Art Of Communication -

Communicating in Altis Life is in my opinion extremely important, since you get to know a lot more about the person who you are dealing with by just sharing a couple words with them. Communicating is also extremely important in different kind of situations as you could at any time be robbed by a rebel or get arrested by an officer, but actually by talking to them and sharing information. It might help you get away from the situation unharmed or without getting a ticket or a jail sentence.

To start talking to people you need to hold down the [Caps Lock] key which once pushed down will show your name down at the bottom left corner which means you are currently talking in-game.

If you want to Type in the chat you need to press the [/] key which will open your chat. 8c8b6b3819c9e609660013116c8b6d19.png

While you are talking in-game make sure you are in the correct channel to talk/write.

List of Channels and their differences:

You can switch between different channels by pressing [,] key or the [.] b2081107a21159f1fdb6c25c45ec7afa.png

Direct Communication: Used to talk to people close to you. (Everyone close to you can hear you while talking in this channel.)

Vehicle Chat: Used to talk to people who are in your vehicle. (No one else can hear you other than the people in your vehicle.)

Group Channel: Used to talk with your gang members. (No one else except for your gang members can hear this channel.)

Help Channel: This is an Out Of Roleplay channel which everyone can see in the server except medics and cops. Used mostly for asking quick questions and asking for help. (You can only type in this channel.)

- Cell phone -

The Cell phone is a useful thing to know how to use since it allows you to send a message to pretty much everybody on the server and it can also save your life by being able to "call" the cops or the medics to come and save you from what trouble you then got into. You can also use it to call a taxi if you get stuck in a bad spot. You can also send a text to the Admins/Staff If you have something really important to tell them which is urgent. (At least that is what I have used it for.)

The way you open the Cell phone is pretty easy you just need to press [Y] which will open your iPad like this:


As you can see I have highlighted the Cell Phone button which you need to click on to open the Cell Phone and This screen will then open:


Here is the Cellphone Interface which of course is pretty self-explanatory, But just quickly going to tell you what everything does. Black rectangle is of course where you type the message, the big arrow on the right will drop down a list of current players you can message on the server there you just click on the person's name who you want to send the message to. If you want to send a message/dispatch to the medics, Police, Taxi or Admins type your message in the black rectangle above and press either Medics, Police, Taxi or Admins whoever you wish to message then.


- Starting Gear -

Alright, now that we've gone through communication and the importance of it, we can start to talk about gear and licenses you need to buy to get started.

Alright, first thing you want to do once you've spawned on the island is to locate the nearest ATM so that you'll be able to pay for your purchases. 08dd33544a8fc1b1821a4df6e44e4c05.png (How it's marked on the map)

Now that you have found the ATM you will want to scroll wheel on it so that you will be able to see a small interaction menu on the left side of your screen. Once you see the small interaction menu you will want to scroll wheel until the ATM is highlighted and then you need to press [Space] key or [Middle mouse click] to interact with the ATM. It should pop-up a menu that looks like this once you've interacted with it.38c74ef7811a52fcc415a266d14ce030.png

Once this has opened you will want to type an amount of money (30k will be enough to buy the basic stuff from the stores) that you would like to pull out from your bank by clicking on the black bar and then typing an amount of money you want to pull out and then pressing withdraw to pull it out. (If you are looking to deposit money follow the same stuff, but just press deposit instead of withdrawing) 

Now that you have your prefferred amount of money pulled out you will want to look for a Clothing store, General store and a Market on your map.

9c8a5a766e88138c45b6c6c54b66952b.png 1e35deeb288e8aa35ce7ca38fda7ea3f.png 54dd61b80954abef7f3e25f666c66c9b.png

(In Kavala these markers will be marked with the color Purple and Clothing store is just called Clothes)

Once you have traveled to these stores you will see a iPad that you need to scroll wheel to open interaction menu once again and scroll wheel until the one you want to interact with is highlighted

How to Buy?

Let's say that you are at the Clothing store and you're confused how you're suppose to buy the clothing from the store.

First, you'll want to interact with the iPad that is standing downstairs in the middle of the store (usually). Once you have interacted with the iPad it will open a menu like this.03ad95c4022f99e3045b3db7db0d9e63.png 

Once this has opened you can browse what kind of clothing you want to buy by using the scroll system on the right side. If you want to buy backpacks, vests, hats or glasses you'll need to press where it reads Clothing, which will drop down a list that will allow you to click on a category that you want to browse. Now that you have decided what you want to buy you'll need to press Buy to confirm your purchase.

                 When you've finally chosen what Clothing you want to wear head over to the General store, where you'll find all sorts of useful items to help you survive and not get lost in the dark nights.

The General store works the same way as the Clothing store with the exception of it not having any categories, since there aren't enough items for it to get organized. (Follow how to Buy above)


Now that you have accessed the General store by following the highlighted instructions above things I recommend you should buy are:

1. a Toolkit (Used for Repairing vehicles)

2. First Aid Kits x2 (Used to heal if hurt)

3. GPS (Shows a small mini-map on the left side of your screen which helps to determine your location without accessing the map)

-Extra- 4. Binoculars/Rangefinders (Useful for locating distant objects, etc.)


After you have bought everything you need from the General store, you will want to head over to the Market to get some food so you won't die from starvation or dehydration.

Now that you have located the Market that is closest to you, you will want to interact with the iPad once again and once you have done that it will open up a menu like this:4a280d554e85140b37d6aa374fbd1d4d.png

As you can see it's a small bit different than the other stores, but still really easy to use. To buy food from the Market you will need to click on the item on the left side that you want to buy and type the amount that you want to buy of that specific item in the black bar below, once you are sure what you want to buy from the store press the Buy Item button and it will put that item into your [Y] inventory



Traveling is really important on an island as big as Altis, cause most of the time when you're trying to make money you need to deliver that item to a processor or to a buyer which are scattered around the map. So the best way of course to counter spending a lot of time to get to those places by walking, is to get some sort of a motorized vehicle would it then be a car, truck, boat, plane or a helicopter.

Alright, so the first thing you want to do is to locate the DMV on the map where you'll be able to buy yourself a driver's license which allows for you to purchase a car from the vehicle shop.e8881b3ab1641ee65558f2cf8618903a.png

When you have found the DMV, once again, you will need to interact with it to open up a menu that looks like this with the exception of the Home Owners License being on the left side as well. 3451bae0ec79c9773787ec343fed19e6.png

 Once you see this menu you will want to click on the Drivers License and then press Buy, cause you'll need it for buying yourself a car. Now locate the nearest vehicle shop on the map. (Icon showed below)


Car Shop prices:

Quad Bike : Rental Price - $750 / Ownership Price $1,500

Hatchback : Rental Price - $8,750 / Ownership Price $17,500

Offroad : Rental Price - $10,000 / Ownership Price $20,000

Offroad (Services) : Rental Price - $13,750 / Ownership Price $27,500

SUV : Rental Price - $17,500 / Ownership Price $35,000

MB 4WD : Rental Price - $20,000 / Ownership Price $40,000

Hatchback (Sport) : Rental Price - $22,500 / Ownership Price $45,000

Truck : Rental Price - $25,000 / Ownership Price $50,000

Van Transport : Rental Price - $25,000 / Ownership Price $50,000

Van (Services) : Rental Price - $25,000 / Ownership Price $50,000


Now that you have selected what Car you want to buy and gotten the money out from the ATM for it you need to head over to the Car shop and Interact with the NPC and it will open up a menu like this.41acf41664d1e32d2ce001d4f468dc4c.png

Buying your first car is pretty simple, just click on the car you want to buy and then press buy. (If you want to choose a paint job for your car press the arrow and it will drop down a list of paint jobs you can have)

d412aaa3c820003bc51e36df8a19890e.gif Your car will show up at the car spawn once you have pressed Buy.

    Now that you have bought your new car you need to run up next to it and press  to unlock it, once unlocked this should pop up on the top right corner 39691d4d1c56f8a7b7aafbe4c8b69a4a.png           And it will grant you access to this interaction menu which allows you to jump inside of the driver or the passenger seat. Now if you press  again, it will lock the car c7e690a3e394311952a9decdd256d6ef.png    Now that you have unlocked your car, you'll want to look at your car from one of the sides and scroll wheel so that the interaction list pops up. Then, once the interaction list has opened up like this e9c3074135d6df41ac48eb6a19960463.png You'll want to choose what seat you want to get in and press [Space] or [middle mouse click] to get into that seat. (Might not have Commander seat) Controls are the same as on foot.

Once inside of the vehicle remember to put on your seatbelt using the interaction list so if you crash you won't die of the impact. Also, if you crash and you have a toolkit you will be able to repair your vehicle using the [Windows] key, which will open up a menu that looks like this. bb3753d0a0787b8af3e7fb9b42c7fe2d.png

Now that you see this press Repair vehicle and it will show a Progress bar on the top of your screen like this. b10e8020375a35badc58670355191540.png

Now, finally if you want to store your vehicle you will want to head over to the garage marked as so on the map 7b80e7c05a7dea45431e967132f23af5.png 

There is also an iPad over there what you need to interact with to store or to pull your car out from the garage.


Getting Your First Money

Now that we've gone through most of the important basics that will help you get started, we can finally get into making your first buck.

So first off we're not going to do anything hard or anything that will grant us millions immediately were just going to start off simple by picking up some Grapes and selling them. Alright, so first you will want to get yourself either a truck or your car that will allow you to hold more Grapes so you can make more money. (If you want a truck locate the Truck shop on the map, marker should look like this) b3747c62b61c5bccb8c2855426917305.png

Truck Shop Prices:

Quad Bike: $1,500 / Ownership Price $3,000

Offroad: $10,000 / Ownership Price $20,000

MB 4WD: $20,000 / Ownership Price $40,000

Fuel Truck: $37,500 / Ownership Price $75,500

Truck: $25,000 / Ownership Price $50,000

Truck Boxer: $37,500 / Ownership Price $75,000

Zamak Transport: $250,000 / Ownership Price $500,000

Zamak Transport (Covered): $250,000 / Ownership Price $50,000

Tempest (Device): $750,000 / Ownership Price $1,500,000 (The Device can "Auto-Mine" which means it will Mine for you)

(Make sure you have the Truck License from the DMV if you want to buy a Truck!)

          Now to get started just head over to the garage and pull your car out (if already out skip that) then you'll want to locate the nearest Grape Vineyard e20564fdb1e40d91fa939ff06d6ed7a5.png and head over there.          Once there you'll want to get out of your vehicle run away from it (just a couple of meters) and look slightly towards the ground and press [E] to harvest it should start an animation like this

 cfdd5e170fade4f31b298bc9f466c910.gif It will show you how much you've gathered once it's done harvesting.

Once you see this show up on the top right corner 06a3c677c08c4585f522fa9a00eb52d0.png your inventory is full and you need to put some of the Grapes in your vehicle by pressing [T] while looking at the vehicle so it will open up the trunk. It should open up a menu like this. e5e7de4936b8c909b1f27b1ddd0a0b89.png

Now that you have opened the trunk you'll want to click on the grapes and press the Store button that is highlighted to store the grapes in your vehicle, then just repeat this until your vehicle is full Once it is full You'll want to head over to the Kavala Fruit Market (or any Fruit Market) 5835d466fbafc854bd86556b33cd6004.png which should be marked like this on your map, then bring the Grapes to the store and interact with the iPad and click on the grapes and type the amount of grapes you have on you into the black bar on the left side and press Sell of course to sell it. You can now notice you have all your money on you which means if someone robs you they'll be able to get it from you so cause of that you'll want to find the closest ATM to you and go deposit the money into your bank and once you have done that you have made your first bit of cash.


~ Bobby



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39 minutes ago, Kodiak ツ said:

A new player also might be interested in capping Hideouts/Oil Rigs and doing freight yard missions. 

Good idea might add it in or might do one for another community tutorial If I'll find the time to do one again :)

Edited by Bobby/J'j
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1 hour ago, Bobby/J'j said:

Good idea might add it in or might do one for another community tutorial If I'll find the time to do one again :)

You should also talk about what you should not do such as Coffee, Magic Mushrooms, and Diamonds.

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Nice job, lots of useful info there.  I remember joining this game on my own and being pretty overwhelmed. That was on a server with a way less crowded map, so I can only imagine how newbies feel coming to EAL.

Edited by The Kevin Bacon
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