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Jordan Jay

Fail Roleplay Report - Jack Burton - Resolved

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Report Type:
Fail Roleplay

Player In-Game Name:
Jack Burton

Your In-Game Name:
[2-04] Jordan Jay

I was about to send Jack to jail as he denied the ticket, before being able to do so he logged to avoid being sent to jail.

Why Should the Player be Banned?
Logging to get out of a role play situation.



Additional Comments and Information:

Thanks for your time, sorry for the static. 

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Not disputing the Rp log or my actions. But you guys are seeing the last 2 minutes of a much much larger video. With fail role play and corruption all over it. Post the whole things guys...i will. What are you hiding?

I was actually logging to go to bed. I'm 100 confident that had actually been heard before. It was past 730 pm on a work night with daylight savings time so really 830pm. I get up at 3am to beat a 40 minute commute and clock in before 430am. Why would i park a heli, store it, and walk all the way to the terminal if i had to walk all the way back...(UNLESS I WAS LOGGING OFF) Everyone parks near the terminal to drive or fly away after supplies. 

In addition anyone watching the video can see you guys fumbled around so badly it was embarrassing, shameful public relations really. I did that job IRL for the best part of 14 years, so unless you were role playing socially awkward rookies the only fail role play is in the mirror. I asked you at the ATM "whats up?" Not one response. LOL you guys stood around and followed me without talking for the first part of it. How long was i at the market? Yea 54 seconds without a word from you guys, time it. Figured you guys wandered off.

By the time you guys actually decided to speak up i knew i was in for at least another 5-10 minutes of arrest and and another 30 for the jail time. I'll gladly take the ban, i was logging off and you guys didn't even have a 2 way conversation about it once i was in custody. Just reading your que cards like robocops.

Bottom line is i did it, i RP logged and the only reason i was pissed is because i knew i was dealing with BS. I wasn't going to stay in a locked one way scenario VS logging off taking a ban and risk a welding mistake or worse a 5 ton steel incident. You were not going to waste my time. I weighed it too: In one hand answer to bogus charges and go through the entire time consuming procedure for the next 30-40 minutes or take the ban on the chin and get sleep so i don't endanger myself or others. Choice was fast and easy.

I do however highly suspect this was a result of the hour wasted of your time earlier that day looking for me at oil rig 1...yea got that video too. Took 4/4 cops on the server with 12 other civs 4km from the nearest land mass to try and capture public enemy #1, and failed...again. Then you guys only managed to harass another player in the area with close fly bys, threats and chaff spray. You guys do know you have a bad history with me and oil rigs right, Cops die every time. Guess you tried to play the odds and one of you died, again. Figured you were still sour about that, maybe not, but I just don't believe in those kinds of coincidences. Bogus charges in a green zone? Guess that's one way to get the big bad Jack Burton and his notorious $200k bounty. $180k of it surely in speeding tickets in Kavala. So much bad guy to go around.

I'll be off to do my dailies on another game. Have a good time I'll be honest, the only bad part about that whole thing is it was in a green-zone or there would be two dead crooked ADP officers. For everyone else combat logging and RP logging is bad, it takes away from the game for those that want to be part of it, even for those guys.




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